Roos VELDT (32) is a Dutch yoga teacher and a certified physiotherapist. She teaches yoga and does workshops at various schools in the Netherlands. (Flow of Yoga, Chiron, Da Costa Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, Ohm Yoga Studio, Life Fit Center and Glow Yoga Studio in Haarlem) She can use her knowledge as a physiotherapist as well for all activity.

Roos did the most yoga- en meditation sessions during the Yoga Recharges in 2017 and 2018.

Roos: ''When I went through a very busy and intensive period in my life a few years ago, I experienced for the first time what yoga can do for you. My neck problems became less, headaches disappeared and I became aware of my breathing of which I was not interested before. I found the peace that came into being so special that I decided to pay attention to the breathing during my treatments as a physiotherapist. Since 2006 I have been giving Body Balance / Club Yoga classes at a gym. Since I wanted to know more about the origin and the practice of yoga, I started following a 4-year course at Saswitha yoga and philosophy. I also took courses on complaints on the lower back and pelvis. I have also studied body work, biofeedback, sleep problems, pre and postpartum complaints, pregnancy fitness, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. In September 2016 I started with a module Breathing & Breath Therapy and a specialization year pregnancy yoga.

I would like to pass the knowledge I have gained over the past years to other people. I want participants to discover their own unique body. Yoga is so much more than an āsana (posture) during class, you can use it at any time of the day! 



Bérengère NIEROP-COPIN (44) is French; she came in the late 90ties to Amsterdam as part of an exchange program from universities. In the end she stayed in the Netherlands for 20 years and she got married with Bas with whom she has two sons: Max (14) and Gil (10).


In the summer of 2014 they decided to move to the Costa Brava. Not in one of the busy tourist places but slightly inland, between the southern French city Perpignan and Barcelona, ​​in a sunny oasis of peace called "Pla de l'Estany".


Bérengère has found a nice balance between work and private life and enjoys the best of life in the middle of nature. She works as a marketing and communication manager and came up with the idea to work with her yoga teacher Monica to organize yoga and meditation sessions called Costa Brava Recharges. Because she noticed that almost everyone who came to visit her in Catalunya really relaxed en went back to the North fully recharged.


Of course this is due to her hospitality, but the environment overhere certainly contributes to this experience too.


Monica ENERO (36) is Catalan and since 2015 the proud owner of the project and well being center Eqshala. Monica is married to Jordi and together they have a daughter: Elia (6).
The qualified therapist and yoga teacher has swapped the busy Barcelona for the rural Pla de l'Estany to enjoy a simplier life, closer to horses, animals and nature, opening a beautiful yoga center, where she offers all sorts of activities with experts from all over the world. She will, among other things, provide the massages during the Recharges and accompany the group. Monica herself gives therapy and coaching sessions with horses, all kind of massages and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga classes.
Just like Bérengère, Monica is a creative entrepreneur, but at the same time someone who loves people, beautiful things and enjoy the Life. Their mutual interest in well-being in general has led them to co-create the COSTA BRAVA RECHARGES project with great enthusiasm and heart to extend and share their lifestyle to all those who wants to.


Bas NIEROP (46); Dutch and married to Bérengère. Together they have two children Max and Gil. They made the final decision at the end of 2013 to go to the south. So he then resigned after many deliberations and they landed in the summer of 2014 on the Costa Brava.

Bas tries to be at home for the children, and therefore had time for a number of projects. He works from home, builds websites for friends and acquaintances. He also designed the website for CBR. Bas also works behind the scenes for CBR.

Like his wife Bérengère, he also noticed that friends and family returned home a bit more relaxed after a short stay. It seemed that the way of life here also has an interaction on the people visiting them. And if he has to point out one more thing, living in Pla de l'Estany is so much more relaxing than in Holland.

Almost everyone takes the time at noon to eat well. The many restaurants, even in the remote countryside, are well filled between 13.00 and 15.00. And of course during this meal it requires a glass of wine, and a little drink afterwards (called a Xupito). This, and the combination of the breathtaking environment, may give the everybody the opportunity to become more relaxed. If you visit this region, it is almost inevitable for you to relax as well. For Bas it worked like that ...